Who is Structural Integration for?

Everyone can benefit from Structural Integration. When you have a good postural alignment and feel the support of your body from the ground you can run more efficiently, deepen your yoga practice, recruit your core muscles in pilates classes, you experience comfort while working at the computer, lift heavy objects on your building side without fear of damage or sit comfortably while driving.

It is possible, no matter where you are in your life in terms of age, injuries, chronic illnesses, social status to change your body for better. It is never too late to start. No matter what sort of history you have, we can always improve our body alignment and movement patterns or at least slow down the deterioration of the condition.

Poor Posture

If you suffer from discomfort, pain or physical limitation due to your postural problems, structural integration offers detail reorganisation of the whole body.

Chronic pain and habitual stress relief

Athletes and performing artist

Post surgery recovery

Keeping young and flexible

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