Martina Gaspar initially qualified as a general nurse and shortly afterwards she continued her studies and earned her Master’s degree in Special Education in 2001. Her interest in physical therapies brought her to Australia where she completed extensive training in Bodywork Therapy in 2003. Since she qualified she has been practising a comprehensive approach to tailor the treatment to each client, mainly using remedial massage and myofascial release techniques. Martina has constantly been seeking for more effective ways of working with clients’ problems. She found that massage brings only short term results and it deals mainly with the symptoms rather than the cause(s) of clients’ problems. During her studies in Australia she was introduced to Rolfing – Structural Integration which brought lasting changes to the human structure. She underwent intensive training and expanded her knowledge in fascia manipulation, postural and functional assessment and movement education. Martina found The Rolf Method to be a very effective, empowering approach which not only helps clients to gain permanent relief but also help them to function on a significantly higher level and reach their potential for optimal movement.

Going through the process of Structural Integration can be a life changing experience. It approaches the body slowly and systematically, paying close attention to structural deviation. It also teaches the client body awareness as a primary tool to change any chronic, habitual patterns and to explore new healthier movements.

Martina continues her professional development by participating regularly in further training courses and self development. Structural integration is a fast growing modality and its effectiveness is supported by ongoing scientific evidence. The fascia research congress focuses on presentation of the latest and best scientific research findings on the human fascia in all its forms and functions.

Martina is a professional member of The International Association of Structural Integrators ®, the organisation which assures our clients that they are receiving treatment from a well-trained and knowledgeable professional who has met strict training standards, follows a professional code of ethics, and maintains a programme of continuing education.