Meet Martina Gaspar

I am Certified Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of bodywork therapy. I specialise in myofascial manipulation, postural health and restoring optimal movement.

I work with people from all walks of life, dealing with chronic pain in their muscles and joints, repetitive injuries and people generally feeling stuck in their habits with bad posture and limited movement.

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I always had a great interest in peoples health, physical and mental. I firstly qualified as a nurse, then continued to study psychology, educational therapy and human behaviour and earned Master Degree in special education. My interest in physical therapies brought me to Australia where I completed extensive training in Integrated bodywork Therapies in 2002. Although I managed to build a good range of therapy skills to help people with their aches and pains and tailor the treatment to each client, I was mostly focused on chasing the symptoms rather then searching for the cause of the problem.

Searching for the root of the pain, body stiffness, lack of flexibility and coordination was exactly what fascinated me about the Structural Integration in the first place. I was amazed by the improvement of people’s posture, muscle relaxation, fascia health, joint mobility in clients who went through the process of Structural Integration, no matter of the past history, habits or injuries.

I considered myself very lucky as I trained with the top experts in the field of Structural Integration, following the direct lineage of Ida Rolf’s traditional 10 series approach. I have accomplished my Advanced training at the European Guild of Structural Integration with Neal Power, direct student of Dr Rolf and former president of both original schools of Structural Integration, The Rolf Institue and Guild of Structural Integration in Boulder, CO. I completed my basic training with Nilce Silveira who trained and taught with first teachers appointed by Ida Rolf to continue to teach her method. I attended training with Tom Myers, creator of Anatomy Trains, Robert Schleip, fascia research expert, Mary Bond, creator of Heal your posture and many more inspiring teachers.

I am a professional member of The International Association of Structural Integrators, the orgainsation which assures our clients that they are receiving treatment from well trained and knowledgeable professional who has met strict training standards, follows a professional code of ethics, maintaining a programme of continuing education.

I am also very keen student of Feldenkrais Method. I am practising awareness through movement and expanding my knowledge about human structure and function which is invaluable for my personal development and my work.

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