Classic 10 session series

Ten steps journey to better health, stronger, agile and flexible body

Post 10 work

What happens next 

Once people completed the 10 sessions series they report feeling lighter, taller, more flexible, more confident in their body. They can sense the dynamic alignment both when they are static but most importantly when they move.

They feel their joints have a greater range of motion, their flexibility and stamina increased, also their aches and pains significantly reduce or disappear entirely. But the overwhelmingly most common benefit is the positive relationship with their body…

Many people get the feeling they started something great, their body is on the right track and they would like to continue this journey and maintain the direction where they are going.

Post ten sessions can be scheduled regularly as often as once a week, once a month or once a year. The most important is that you know why you are coming, what your feelings and symptoms are, where the tension, discomfort, or what major changes you have experienced recently – like injuries or operations.

Reasons to continue could be anything from improving running style, walking comfort, golf performance, pain relief – back, neck and shoulders, stiffness or lack of movement. 

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