Bodywork Therapy and Movement Education

Good Posture

Increased Flexibility

Easy Movement

Better Health

Structural Integration is the original and scientifically validated methodological system of connective tissue manipulation and movement education developed by American biochemist Dr. Ida Rolf.

It is systematic application of precise manual hands-on method, which was designed to release short, tight, dense connective tissues to allow the joints to move freely and body to achieve optimal postural alignment and adaptable biomechanics.

Structural Integration is a unique intervention which stands out from all other therapies in its main goal. This goal is to organize the structure of the body (musculo-skeletal tissues) so it can function on a significantly higher level. Not only does the person feel symptom free but it allows a person to reach a state of dynamic and more adaptable well-being where kinetic energy (movement) can occur on the physical and muscular level without being blocked by compensations. This level of optimal movement functioning does exist and can be reached through the process of Structural Integration which changes patterns of lifetime.

Structural Integration is not just a technique but rather an overall strategy or process designed to bring about new movement experience, allowing the person to discover and better understand the principles of posture and function – dynamic adaptive stability and movement.