Structural Integration is the most comprehensive type of bodywork which is highly successful in treating many common complains.

The reason behind it is that it works systematically and gradually in every part of your body to release strong fascia adhesion, injured, tight muscles. It teaches clients to develop awareness; it pays close attention to your habitual and limiting movement patterns and teaches you to explore new, more effective, energy efficient ways to move through your life. It restores your dynamic postural health and improves your body function.

Chronic Pain and Stress Relief

Structural Integration can help those who have:

  • a history of injury, or surgery from which you never really recovered
  • long term chronic pain and discomfort
  • a repetitive and physically demanding job
  • sedentary work which often results in discomfort when sitting at a desk or driving

Improve your Posture

Structural Integration offers you a real experience of having a healthy posture characterised by an ease, grace with movement flowing effortlessly.

Enhanced Fitness and reduced risk of injuries

The body become vulnerable to injuries when joints are out of alignment. Non – aligned joints take more energy to move. Muscles inappropriately interlocked lose their functional independence, range of motion, power and efficiency. Structural Integration brings order to the body by balancing different muscle groups and fascial plane to restore optimal tension forces distributed around the joints and improves performance whatever activities or sport you choose to do.

Keeping you young and flexible

By promoting postural health and lengthening the entire myofascial system, structural integration keeps you healthy and active into the golden decades. It improves your posture, balance and flexibility.

Optimised your performance

By developing fluid, flexible body and higher level of body awareness you can keep doing and even getting better in whatever is your preferred activity: dancing, running, walking, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi practice, playing instrument, or performing your job.